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The University at Buffalo's Educational Opportunity Center (UBEOC) is leading the way in providing urban communities with TUITION-FREE innovative academic programs leading to higher education, and workforce development training programs leading to gainful employment.


Graduation:May 20th 2015

May, 2015: UBEOC Commencement Ceremony

On May 20, 2015 the University at Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center (UBEOC) held its annual Commencement Ceremony for our students. The event was a celebratory recognition of the academic achievement of this year's students. Student Speaker, Carolyn Weidright, exhorted fellow graduates to continue their path of accomplishment toward further personal achievement and success. Keynote Speaker, Deputy Mayor Ellen E. Grant, eloquently acknowledged UBEOC graduates and challenged them to strive and achieve for themselves and their families that supported their UBEOC accomplishments. The ceremony concluded and was highlighted by the hundreds of delighted graduates that crossed the stage to receive their recognition as they were being cheered on by families, friends and UBEOC staff. The ceremony was truly the crowning event in the lives of the many students that were a part of the evening's celebration. Those interested in viewing the 2014-2015 UB Educational Opportunity Commencement ceremony can view it on Youtube. See Part 1 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekTrZUmy5te. See Part 2 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3mlAkBT7jk


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