Career Planning & Placement

The University at Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center is committed to Workforce Development and provides extensive work readiness and job placement services. The Office of Career Advancement offers career development, case management, employment and job retention assistance.

Career Advisement/Development Services:

  • Counseling assistance regarding career pathways guidance concerning the job outlook for the field the student expresses interest in.
  • Information concerning the qualifications that employers seek for their field of interest for entry-level and promotional employment opportunities.

Job Preparedness & Training:

  • Workshops on various soft skill topics that employers highly value when considering job applicants, newly-hired and long term employees. Buffalo-area employers periodically participate in these workshops to offer their real-world perspective. 
  • Advisement, guidance e and direction to students interested in accessing additional resources on this topic (e.g. Internet, library materials, etc.)
  • Mock interviewing: for students to help them strengthen their interviewing skills. Resume preparation assistance.
  • Advise students/job seekers about the vital role that developing a portfolio plays in effectively illustrating their employability through proper presentation of their qualifications, training and experience. (e.g. National Work Readiness Credential, etc)
  • Provide information on available UBEOC resources that support student success (e.g. career video series, computer lab software) 

Job Search Support:

  • Invitation to participate in on-site job fairs, where employers are invited to meet with UBEOC students interested in employment.
  • Advise students on the effective use of the multi-pronged approach in implementing their job search (e.g. Internet, networking and organizations that provide job search assistance). Assistance with online applications is also available.
  • Information concerning upcoming job and career fair events in the community.
  • Current students and alumni are provided access to an in-house career services electronic folder housing job postings, labor market trend information, career websites, civil service exam announcements and other timely career information.