College Connections


The Community and College Connections initiative is embedded within the UBEOC's program offerings and is established to strengthen the participation and movement of UBEOC-eligible students towards college enrollment and retention. Community and College Connections staff is located within UBEOC's Office of College and Career Advancement.


  • Build student awareness and interest in pursuing college enrollment
  • Inform and educate students about the connection between their career pathways and college entrance requirements
  • Partner with colleges and universities to provide opportunities for UBEOC students to engage in the college campus experience
  • Provide college preparation programming to community-based agencies


Community and College Connections conducts workshops for UBEOC students to broaden their knowledge about college-related topics.

Students receive guidance and counseling on a wide range of topics to build their preparedness to transition into post-secondary education. Areas that are addressed include:

  • Benefits of Going to College
  • College Application Process
  • College Acceptance Process
  • Placement Testing
  • Researching Programs of Study
  • Financial Aid/Paying for College
  • Career Path Planning
  • College Support Services
  • EOP Programs and You


  • College-interested individuals from the community that need assistance can contact UBEOC's Office of College and Career Advancement at 645-9555 and select prompt #5 to leave a message, and staff will return your call. College Connections staff can also be reached via email at