Technology at UBEOC

The UBEOC Local Area Network is a highly specialized and complex system of advanced technologies. All computer and technical operations for the entire network from the administrative services, to the client level, including the classrooms and the internal/external agencies are maintained by the Technology Resource Management Unit. UBEOC’s Local Area Network and the remote sites (including the ATTAIN Labs) is a conglomerate of approximately 250 computers connected via fiber to the University at Buffalo and University Center for Academic & Workforce Development.

UBEOC houses 3 virtual servers on their to support all classroom and faculty/staff computers. All the computers in the building use Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 as the standard operating system. The current software distribution includes Microsoft Office Professional (version 2010 and 2013). Other software being used in the classroom are the internet versions of the College Keyboarding & Document Processing, Skills Tutor, Electronic Health record processing and Dental software. The ATTAIN labs along with UBEOC’s networking program offer technology related certification courses. There is also a Testing Center (with 34 computers) which is used for TABE (Test for Adult Basic Education) and NWRC (National Work Readiness Credential Testing). All classrooms have present day state-of-the-art technology with projection systems, computers, document cameras and blue-ray DVD players.  Four (4) of the classrooms are fitted with videoconferencing systems. There is a large conference center with the seating capacity of 175 and two (2) projection systems. Additional small technology enhanced conference and seminar rooms are also available at the UBEOC campus. The interconnected Atrium has a seating capacity 50-60 with a projection system available for special events and activities conducted in the space. The campus is also equipped with digital signage and security camera systems throughout the building.