Student Life


Student Life is dedicated to helping students experience the UBEOC life at its fullest. We are committed to building leadership skills, promoting and engaging community and cultural diversity.  Through our presentations, events, workshops and resources, we provide students opportunities and experiences that show them how to grow personally and professionally in the community.

Student Resource Center (SRC)

Located on the 4th floor in room 408 at the UBEOC, is a central resource center for students seeking support services.  Resources and workshops to address student needs such as: housing, transportation, health and wellness, mentoring, higher education and employment, as well as other community resources that are needed to assist students in achieving their academic goals.

Student Leadership Association (SLA)

Students are encouraged to get involved and become a member.  SLA members are taught leadership and soft skills needed to embark in a job that will allow them to grow and pursue a career. Students will earn critical thinking and make decisions as a team, which will help them to communicate and express their views in a professional atmosphere. The students’ experiences and responsibilities during their SLA term can be transferable to their profes-sional resume and a letter of reference concerning their involvement will be furnished upon request. Please see your counselor to become a member.

SLA members also represent UBEOC’s student body and are responsible for promoting, advocating and planning of the SLA events and workshops.  SLA members may be called upon to represent students amongst faculty and staff events or meetings when necessary.

Community and Cultural/Diversity Engagement

Occurs throughout the year, under the leadership of the SLA and are subject to change according to the needs of the community.  In the past, students have organized the following events: Voter Registration,Wellness Fair, College Fair, Job Fair, American Heart Association-Go Red for Women, Lupus Fundraiser, Hospice Fundraiser, UNYTS -Blood Drives, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month and Women’s History Month.

All Students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in Student Life.  If you have any questions, please contact your Counselor for further information.


“The Alliance” is the student newsletter, which is published during the year. Students are encouraged to submit poems, short stories, essays or art work for publication. Members of the Student Leadership Association produce and edit the Alliance.